Monday, October 28, 2013

Barcelona 4* Hotel for $117 per night!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Boston - Lisbon Portugal from $577 Roundtrip with tax!

I found this fare for 2/9/14-2/23/14, but other dates may be available!  Click here to go to and check your dates.

Boston - Dublin Ireland for $526 Roundtrip with tax.

Dublin for $526 roundtrip with tax!  I found this fare for 10/28/13 - 11/11/13, but other dates may be available as well.  Click here to go to and check your dates!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Portsmouth, NH Dining and Drinking Recommendations


-Either on the way in or out of town, make sure to take the long beautiful Route 1B through Newcastle and islands, totally worth it for the views.
-Shop along Market and Congress streets 
-If you want an awesome diner-like breakfast, check out the Golden Egg, on rte 1A heading south towards rye.
-Quick-service breakfast / lunch with bloody marys at Popovers on the Square
-Hang out all day/afternoon on the deck on the water at Harpoon Willy's, beers and fried stuff
-Dinner at Black Trumpet Bistro on Ceres st, preferably at the bar upstairs
-Dinner- across the bridge into Kittery Maine, restaurant called Anneka Jans is fantastic rustic American cuisine, think mussels with blue cheese sauce, hanger steak, seared calf's liver, etc.  Excellent wine list too.
-Lunch and/or beers at Portsmouth Brewery on market st
-After-dinner cocktails at The Red Door, located above Dos Amigos Burritos.  Sometimes a small cover charge, but nice loungy bar with leather couches and usually DJs playing downtempo music to chill out to, really cozy.
-We had a nice Portsmouth Restaurant Week lunch at Blue Mermaid, not sure how it is normally.

Other decent/divey bars- Rusty Hammer, Press Room, State St. Saloon, Daniel St. Tavern, Fat Belly's.

Check out Street restaurant out by Route 1.  Pretty good asian street food dishes, cool atmosphere.

Haven't made it yet to a few places, but definitely on my list to try are:
Moxy (Dinner)
Coat of Arms Pub (dive)

When you're ready for your next town, drive the coastal Route 1A all the way from Portsmouth down through Rye eventually to Hampton Beach.  
In Rye and Hampton Beach:

-Wally's Pub (big place, biker bar/small concerts/serious beer pong tournaments w/DJ twice weekly)
-Ocean Wok for great chinese (ginger scallion lobster, salt and pepper squid, dan dan noodles, wontons in chili sauce, szechuan triple crown are our favorites).  MAI TAIs are strong and amazing, Get the large one.
-Karaoke at Stacy Jane's across the street from Ocean Wok, every night around 8:30pm 
-La Bec Rouge roofdeck in the summer is fantastic, day and night.
-Petey's Summertime has great seafood in-house, a bar, and also sells takeout and live lobsters cheap.

As always feel free to email me any suggestions or questions!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taqueria Jalisco in East Boston

Taqueria Jalisco was highly recommended to me for quality tacos in East Boston.  It's located in Day Square.  It's a cute little place, no A/C, and the tacos were truly very good.  I tried tongue, "adobado de cabeza" (cabeza means head, but I'm not sure which part of the head these were from), and carnitas.  Each came on 2 very soft, warm, smooth corn tortillas, with cilantro and chopped white onion, limes for squeezing on the side, for $2.25/each.  They also came with two salsas/sauces, a green one and a brown one, both very delicious and spicy, and very different from each other.  Great tacos, if you're in the area, give them a try!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Boston - Seattle for $248

Want to see the iconic Seattle Space Needle in person? Or just want to check out Seattle's thriving food and beverage industry scene?  Buy your flights now, they are starting at just $248 total, roundtrip with tax!  Click here to read more and check your dates!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Barrel House American Bar in Beverly, MA

Just went to this place, heard about it from Clayton at Short and Main in Gloucester.   He's a great bartender, so we trusted his recommendation for a great bar and restaurant in Beverly, a town neither of us had ever visited before.  The Barrel House was AWESOME.  It's a joint venture between two Eastern Standard alums, Chef Patrick Shea and Barman Sean Maher.  Great food.  Amazing cocktails. Excellent wine, beer and spirit selections.  Fantastic dark wood room with tin ceiling and dark red leather chairs.  It's a serious, downtown-type restaurant, in Beverly!  I would even say it's worth the trip up there just to eat at Barrel House.  Enjoy!

Citizen Public House- get the burger!

If you haven't had the burger at Citizen Public House, do it next time you're there.  Thick and juicy, on a chewy ciabatta roll.  I get it with bacon and bleu cheese.  Perfect.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Boston - San Diego, CA for $200 roundtrip!

Select dates only, $200 roundtrip total with tax!  Best fare I've ever seen to San Diego.  Click here, and then click on Hotwire link to check dates.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fly Boston - Atlantic City, NJ for $60 Roundtrip with tax

It's like a Las Vegas getaway from Boston, but smaller, and the fare is only $60 roundtrip total, with tax!  Click here for more info.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Providence, Rhode Island Eating and Drinking Guide (UPDATED 2/20/18)

Providence is rapidly developing as an excellent food and cocktail town, below are some of my recommendations while you are there.


North Favorite casual dinner place. Asian-inspired dishes to share, huge spices, herbs and heat.  Everything is great, easily my favorite place to eat in PVD.  Chef James Mark came from Momofuku in NYC.  I crave their food all the time.
Birch Incredible dinner only restaurant.  Tiny, 18 counter seats, service is from behind counter.  Local, farm to table ingredients, but clever execution excellent flavors and textures in every dish.  Tasting menu is cheap too ($49pp for food, choose each dish for 4 courses).  Serious dinner with exceptional wine list, but casual enough for any night. 
Julian's Funky, odd little diner-like restaurant serving brunch and dinner every day.  Great food, great obscure beer list.  Lunch was excellent, haven't been for dinner yet.
Nick's on Broadway Upscale-ish, brunch Wednesday through Sunday, dinner Wednesday through Saturday.  Excellent brunch, attentive, calculated service, not hectic like many brunch places.   Haven't been for dinner yet.
Geoff's Sandwiches Casual lunch spot. WOW. TONS of specialty unique sandwiches to choose from, fantastic Providence staple, 2 locations.
Haven Bros. Food Truck When you need food (like the monstrous Triple-Murder Burger) after the bar at 2:30am, this is the place.  Located downtown, near the Biltmore
Murphy's Bar and Deli  Giant deli sandwiches to go, from inside an Irish bar.  Sounds weird, but the sandwiches are no joke.  I chose the "Death By Reuben" and it almost killed me. Also awesome for keno and beers during the day.
Olga's Cup and Saucer Decent breakfast/brunch spot.  Great coffee and baked goods, plated meals were not as great- stick to simple stuff.
Rancho Grande (Olneyville) Great Mexican, better than most or all of Boston's Mexican offerings.  Definitely recommend the Shrimp Cocktail, anything in Salsa Verde and the Mariscos appetizer in Salsa de Arbol in particular. Great tequila and mezcal selection, great cocktails at night.
Providence Coal-Fired Pizza Excellent, chewy pies, can't wait to go back.
Persimmon Now in their new location in Providence- for a serious white-tablecloth dinner out. Excellent experiences here, great wine list too.
Oberlin From Birch owners Ben and Heidi- Fantastic small plates and incredible wine list/sommelier.


Fortnight Natural wine bar with small plates and great beers- cozy and great
Avery Great cocktail bar, dim, dark, asian decor.  Conveniently located across the street from North.
E&O Tap Also around the corner from North and Avery. Hipster dive bar, cheap Miller High Life, loud music, funky vibe.  Lots of fixies out front.
Lili Marlene's Young, very dark bar, great for later at night. Pool table, a few round booths, get some PBR and Fernet and chill out after working the dinner shift.
The Hot Club Daytime drinking on the water.  Funky old building, all glass to the water, outdoor waterside seating and outdoor bar on the deck as well.  Busy at night.
The Eddy Newly built, classy little cocktail bar.  Very small, slightly pretentious bartending, but good drinks.  They sometimes offer a bucket of High Life ponies and a half bottle of Fernet for $32.
The Dorrance Old-school, stunning dining room and bar, in an old bank building.  Haven't eaten here yet, but everyone who comes to Providence should come here for a drink before dinner and check out the room. Often closed for private events, maybe call first.
Red Fez Great mellow beer bar upstairs downtown, great place to hide from all the drunken college kids on the weekend.
Wild Colonial Tavern Nice old pub, lots of seating, play some cards and drink some pints.
Nick-A-Nees Spacious dive bar/music venue, cash only, live music regularly, awesome spot!
Justine's Speakeasy-style, beautiful small cozy room, good bar, but bartenders not necessarily up to par with Dorrance/Eddy caliber peeps. Go just to check it out and have a cocktail (many are $5!)
The Grange Vegetarian-focused restaurant, but they have a great cocktail bar, open during the day!
Rooftop at G Feels like Miami Beach up here on the roof on the 7th floor in downtown Providence.  Products available are basic, but worth a trip up on a sunny day just for the view and the scene.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Portland, Maine- Dining and Drinking Recommendations From A Professional From Boston (Updated 9/30/15)

Welcome to Portland!  We all know this is one of the best day or weekend trip destinations in  New England, with great dining and drinking spots.  My goal with this post is to highlight the best spots in the restaurant and bar scene in Portland, from a Boston restaurant industry professional's point of view.  Hopefully this list will help you enjoy your next visit, and I'll try to revise it as time goes by!  


Scratch bakery in South Portland, incredible bagels and bialys.
Porthole (local joint on the water, huge portions of solid breakfast food, full bar) 
Bayside American Cafe (Formerly Bintliff's- more gourmet, think mango-stuffed french toast).


Duckfat for rich sandwiches and duckfat fries.
Portland Lobster Company for fried stuff or lobster, on a deck over the water,sometimes with a band.  Warm weather only.
Miyake's PaiMen Ramen spot for awesome pork buns, good sushi, decent ramen. 
Eventide Oyster Co. (lunch and dinner) excellent for raw bar (get the kimchi ice with the oysters), brunch and lunch. also recommend crudos, brunch cauliflower dish, hot buttered lobster roll, breakfast bun, and whole maine shrimp when in season.
Fishermen's Grill Lobster rolls here are made with lobster picked to order, so it takes 20-30 mins, but it's soooo worth it.
East Ender (lunch and dinner) great food, beer, wine, and cocktails, next door to Duckfat.


Street and Co. Older Portland standard, same owners as Fore Street.  Great for oysters and champagne at the bar before dinner somewhere else
Central Provisions (lunch and dinner) Inspired food from Chris Gould, formerly of Uni in Boston
Fore Street (same owners as Street and Co) (VERY IMPORTANT- sit at bar, stick to all of the small plates and charcuterie.  Order all of them.   Will the dark haired bartender with glasses is incredibly knowledgeable and hospitable)
Miyake (crazy good sushi/omakase tasting menu).  
555 (very good, new american)
Emilitsa Excellent Greek food, nice atmosphere, Greek wines.
Boda Excellent Thai food, cute place, half-price menu available after 9:30.
Bill's Pizza This is your 1:30am late-night pizza spot


The Top Of the East, on the top floor of the Westin Portland Harborview Hotel (formerly known as the Eastland Park Hotel). Come here to the 15th floor of the hotel for a nighttime whiskey and a view of the whole city from the top floor of the hotel, which is on the highest point of the city, good stuff.
Central Provisions Also a restaurant, but the bartenders make a mean cocktail.
Portland Hunt and Alpine Club is a new cocktail bar on Market Street.  Easily the most serious cocktails in town.
Novare Res Belgian beer bar, hundreds, they have a beer garden.  Top 5 beer bars in New England.
Portland Lobster Co. Their outdoor bar on the deck is sunny and on the water, often with live music.
Porthole Their outdoor deck and bar often have live music, also on the water.
Sebago brewpub, Gritty McDuff's brewpub, Shipyard brewery tour.
Great Lost Bear is supposed to be a great beer bar, haven't been there though.
Bull Feeney's Irish bar, with incredible whiskey selection, all sorts.  Irish food, live music in the summer.
Bonfire Country bar.  Heavily-themed, lots of drunk young people. 
Empire Dine and Dance (often live music)
Sonny's is a solid cocktail/beer bar. 
Rivalries Sports Bar
Brian Boru Public House
If you want to get down and dirty with the locals at the bar, check out Rosie's, Mama's Crowbar (Cash only, beer only), Shay's Pub, J's Oyster (only order steamers if anything, no oysters!!!), DiMillo's Floating Restaurant (bar), Fore Play Sports Pub, or for that matter any other place that looks grimy.

Other honorable mentions

Grace has good food and drinks, AMAZING atmosphere (was a church before), worth visiting. 
Vignola for a glass of wine before dinner, all glass windows in front, good list.  
Shopping at Leroux kitchen, Black Tie Market, and Aurora Provisions
Yosaku has good sushi as well.  
Ri Ra Irish Pub is a chain but decent irish bar. 
LFK Think Fernet, PBR, burgers, looks pretty chill. I hear the burger is solid.  

On my list, yet to try:

The Snug cozy bar on East End
The Dogfish Bar and Grille
Slainte Pub
Matthew's Pub
Ruski's local dive bar, open early, food
The Bearded Lady's Jewelry Box Nathaniel Meiklejohn's new cocktail bar
Vinland Strictly local dinner menu (no olive oil, black pepper, or lemon!)
Tao Yuan Dumpling house, opening soon in old West End Deli space next to old Miyake space.
Schulte and Herr BYOB German restaurant
Hot Suppa Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails
Blue Rooster Sandwiches, hot dogs, tater tots, all gourmet
Piccolo Italian fine dining, tiny spot, from owners of Blue Rooster.
Public Market House for deli sandwiches
Small Axe food truck. Breakfast and Lunch.
In'finiti brewery/distillery/restaurant.
Becky's Diner Breakfast every day.
Holy Donut
Dutch's for breakfast and lunch
Susan's Fish n Chips
Taco Trio
Honey Paw World noodles and stuff
Tempo Dulu Indonesian/french
The Lobster Shack
Market Street Eats breakfast and lunch
Snow Squall
Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill

Hope this is helpful, and feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Boston - Houston for $97 total R/T!!!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

7 night all-inclusive trip to Isla Mujeres Mexico $850pp

Great sale on Travelocity right now for the VERY highly-rated Privileges Aluxes Isla Mujeres, located a 20 minute ferry-ride off the coast of Cancun.  Adults-oriented, located in the main town on the island for easy shopping and dining, besides the 3 restaurants on the resort.  I found Boston - Cancun + 7 nights ALL-INCLUSIVE in a Superior Room (jacuzzi tub on balcony or terrace in every room), from $854.02 per person TOTAL, including airfare, food, hotel, taxes, gratuities, everything but the airport transfers. You're on your own for that.  this price was for dates April 17-24, there are EVEN CHEAPER dates available too!  Head on over to Travelocity and check your dates.  PLEASE NOTE: BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE SUPERIOR ROOM AND THE ALL-INCLUSIVE,NOT JUST BREAKFAST, FOR THE BEST DEAL!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boston - Moscow from $456 roundtrip TOTAL!

This is crazy, about $300 cheaper than usual! I found several dates in April, such as April 2-9.  Go to and check for yourself! Don't wait, will disappear fast.